Every day, we build teams, coach executives, enhance positivity, create leaders and make a difference.  We enjoy earning our name: JET. 


In 2002, we had an idea. Was there a place in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) for a company that helped people learn to work together more effectively and become inspirational leaders? One that cajoled them out of their comfort zones and encouraged them to think freely, work collaboratively and make empowered decisions?


We identified the need!  And with the combination of our diverse backgrounds, cross-cultural experience, mother/son generational awareness and huge amounts of shared passion, JET was born. From its inception, we have created experiential programs that give people hands- on learning experiences, help them discover themselves and each other, engage in open, honest, transparent communication and work effectively as a team.


We design programs for people who come up with big ideas. And people who make them happen. For people who lead and for those that follow their leadership. We design these programs with a purpose that is simple, but powerful: improve every member of a team, give insight into team intelligence and you ultimately improve the organization itself.


Many years later, with a much bigger team, we are still helping people to grow and succeed. We ask them to challenge the assumptions and habits they’ve nurtured through the years and work on bringing the human being back into business.


Every day, we build teams, coach executives, enhance positivity, create leaders and make a difference. We enjoy earning our name: JET. 



Julie-Ann Odell

CEO Jupiter Eclipse  – PCC, ORSCC, NLP, DCF

Juile-Ann is a model for living a passionate and inspiring life. She specializes in Team Coaching and Leadership Development programs and is an expert at using rhythm as a tool for team-building and experiential learning.

Julie-Ann received her coach training from the prestigious Coaches Training Institute in San Francisco, California and is a proud graduate of their intensive Leadership program. She is recognized as a certified Organization and Relation Systems Coach (ORSCC) with the International Coach Federation, as well as being a professional Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) and Drum Circle Facilitator (DCF).

She is a dynamic facilitator, course designer and innovative leader in organizational and corporate culture change.


As well as being deeply committed to her clients success, she firmly believes that life is about taking responsibility for what you are creating reconnecting to your inner core, your humanness and authentically honoring your values.

Being born in the late 70’s, Tamer has the advantage of being able to take the best of both worlds, drawing on the “Innovation and technology of “Generation Y” and mixing it with the creativity, entrepreneurship and dedication of ‘Generation X’.

He is as passionate about finding cutting edge teambuilding, coaching & training programs that can be used for the corporate workforce, as he is to constantly searching for transforming solutions that can help corporate structures become inspirational and empowering environments.

He has a lot of personal initiative and mixes the authority to lead with the creativity to inspire and a driving business spirit to succeed beyond all boundaries.

He co-founded JET in 2007 with his British mother and brings to the table a cross cultural upbringing, a strong background in marketing and business development as well as an astute business sense and charming personage.

Tamer Fahim

General Manager – Dubai/Egypt


We empower people, teams & organizations to evolve.


Don't tell the world your mission statement. Show the world you are on a mission

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