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Every day, we build teams, coach executives, enhance positivity, create leaders and make a difference.  We enjoy earning our name: JET. 


In 2002, we had an idea. Was there a place in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) for a company that helped people learn to work together more effectively and become inspirational leaders? One that cajoled them out of their comfort zones and encouraged them to think freely, work collaboratively and make empowered decisions?

We identified the need!  And with the combination of our diverse backgrounds, cross-cultural experience, mother/son generational awareness and huge amounts of shared passion, JET was born. From its inception, we have created experiential programs that give people hands- on learning experiences, help them discover themselves and each other, engage in open, honest, transparent communication and work effectively as a team.


We design programs for people who come up with big ideas. And people who make them happen. For people who lead and for those that follow their leadership. We're design these programs with a purpose that is simple, but powerful: improve every member of a team, give insight into team intelligence and you ultimately improve the organization itself.

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Many years later, with a much bigger team, we are still helping people to grow and succeed. We ask them to challenge the assumptions and habits they’ve nurtured through the years and work on bringing the human being back into business.

Every day, we build teams, coach executives, enhance positivity, create leaders and make a difference. We enjoy earning our name: JET. 

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Specialist team-building organizations such as JET prosper in conducting motivational group training workshops focusing on leading other organizations by tackling specific challenges they face and finding solutions. As leaders in the team-training industry, we provide a large range of activities designed to suit your needs, goals and budget.


When selecting a team building organization, it is vital to partner with an established and distinguished company with a proven track record of success. This can be measured by how the facilitators engage the team in a high-energy, fun and interactive environment

5 tips when choosing your Team-Building specialists:

These tips ensure your event is effectively managed and provides you with support to gain maximum success from your workshop.


Are they organized? Ensure you are provided with a full agenda to your workshop prior to the event and make the necessary amendments if needed.


Familiarise yourself with the organizer of your specific event. Have they made the effort to build rapport with you.


Has the organization taken the time to understand your business and what your requirements are? A quality service will do just that.


Always check credentials. As well as certificates and licenses, get recommendations, the  client   testimonials, and success stories. This enables you confirm the work culture and service quality.


Resources! A good training session is one that individuals can walk away with sufficient resources to refer back to. Make sure the organization provides this service


Let’s take it offsite… Taking the workshops to a new location provides a fresh environment for employees to interact, grow and build together outside of the confines of their everyday roles in the workplace. Working in an unfamiliar area, with unique team-building activities, breaks down barriers allowing team members to count on each other to overcome challenges. Furthermore, managers develop a true understanding into the dynamics of how their teams interact with each other. 

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Employees feel valued, acknowledged and supported when organizations engage in their training and development.

No Distractions

Offsite activities remove all disruptions and provide a dedicated environment for learning.

It's an Occasion

Removing employees from their day-to-day environment shows that the employer is attentive to their needs creating a sense of importance.

Sparks Creativity

High-energy, up-beat environments increase motivation and positivity, creating a crisp atmosphere to bring out the best in your employees.

It's Social

While workplace roles typically restrict social interaction, offsite activities remove these barriers. Employees gain the opportunity to see each other in a new light, removed from daily pressures or the confines of their job description. This leads to increased team bonding, Intimacy and dynamism.

Shine Bright

Taking workshops offsite allows employees to demonstrate attributes and talents that may have gone unnoticed in their everyday work environment. This enables managers to spot leadership potential or valuable skills that could be put to more effective use within their teams.

It's Fun

Above all, IT IS FUN! Fun is often one of the most overlooked benefits of taking part in team-building workshops outside of the office. It enhances productivity and creativity when employees are able to resolve challenges in a fun, rewarding atmosphere.


Executing a successful team-building workshop can be a daunting task, but for JET we are passionate about the challenge of getting your team to respond successfully whether it be a small, medium or large organization. With a variety of personalities, interests and end goals to consider, how do we coordinate an enjoyable, memorable and effective activity that delivers long term value?​​

We evaluate areas of improvement and establish a team building strategy based on realistic goals

We select activities that encourage team bonding and develop skills that add value in the workplace.

We focus on offsite activities that create a memorable environment for learning.

We teach a range of skills that reinforces positive performance back in the workplace.

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