Teams are good at enabling change and maintaining high performance and high productivity.



We know what its’ like to be part of a business team and like most people we've had good and bad experiences. We've also created and led teams, experienced success and difficulty and learnt the hard way... while having to keep an eye on customers and profits and work in a multi-cultural environment.

So we understand your challenge. We are respected professionals who are members of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and are all fully certified as organization relationship systems coaches with many years of experience in the Middle East.

A real business team is a group of people with a blend of technical, problem-solving and interpersonal skills who are strongly committed to a vision, common purpose and performance goals.

At JET we deliver joint work outputs that couldn't be achieved by members working on their own. We follow an agreed working approach and hold ourselves, individually and mutually accountable. The team leader acts as a 'first amongst equals' when needed, but it is the group as a whole that decide on purpose, goals, values and working approach and enforces accountability. Teams are good at enabling change and maintaining high performance and high productivity.

The big question is how organizations can create a work environment that supports a real business team with complex human interactions and at the same time develop inspirational leaders. A business team that lives the core values, embraces conflict, disseminates valuable knowledge and can handle change effectively while remaining profitable and productive and aligning themselves on the mission and vision? This is best achieved by retaining the services of a professionally trained, experienced Organization Relationship Systems Coach.



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