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Teams are good at enabling change and maintaining high performance and high productivity.

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We know what its’ like to be part of a business team and like most people we've had good and bad experiences. We've also created and led teams, experienced success and difficulty and learnt the hard way... while having to keep an eye on customers and profits and work in a multi-cultural environment.

So we understand your challenge. We are respected professionals who are members of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and are all fully certified as organization relationship systems coaches with many years of experience in the Middle East.

A real business team is a group of people with a blend of technical, problem-solving and interpersonal skills who are strongly committed to a vision, common purpose and performance goals.

At JET we deliver joint work outputs that couldn't be achieved by members working on their own. We follow an agreed working approach and hold ourselves, individually and mutually accountable. The team leader acts as a 'first amongst equals' when needed, but it is the group as a whole that decide on purpose, goals, values and working approach and enforces accountability. Teams are good at enabling change and maintaining high performance and high productivity.

The big question is how organizations can create a work environment that supports a real business team with complex human interactions and at the same time develop inspirational leaders. A business team that lives the core values, embraces conflict, disseminates valuable knowledge and can handle change effectively while remaining profitable and productive and aligning themselves on the mission and vision? This is best achieved by retaining the services of a professionally trained, experienced Organization Relationship Systems Coach.


Highlights the basic rules for ensuring good communication at work-via email and face-to-face meetings. We all know that email can lead to misunderstandings and that face-to-face can be more useful but requires an agenda and good planning. This activity provides an opportunity for participants to demonstrate just how well they can communicate …or not!

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Explores different ways of influencing others and allows teams to practice newly acquired skills in a fun and confidence-building environment. We all try to influence people all the time, with colleagues, with suppliers, or discussing a contract. This activity provides an understanding of the techniques that help us to achieve our goals and objectives efficiently and more easily, ideally with a win-win outcome!

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Identifies key leadership qualities and exposes some leadership myths. Teams select attributes they think describe a good leader. The choices are then evaluated. True leadership is about someone being empowered to stand up and suggest a new way forward. Many of the attributes teams choose are in fact about management not leadership. What is the difference?


A basic introduction to coaching skills, teams learn not to be judgmental, and bossy and that the coach is not always the expert but more of a guide and counsellor who needs to be able to listen, empathise and encourage.

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A leadership and teamwork activity that can be used to demonstrate the skills required by a nominated leader and to assess leadership in action and/or to observe who emerges as a leader (if anyone). Provokes a lively discussion about the qualities of an effective leader.

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Explores the importance of values and ethics in the workplace. As we are constantly reminded, integrity within any organization is more important than ever. Using an anonymous recording systems participants have the opportunity to demonstrate their own personal and business values and reach consensus on what should be expected.

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An easy-to-use activity which provokes a lot of discussion as teams explore those attributes that combine to make an effective manager or team leader. They look at personal strengths, organizational and interpersonal skills. What is the right mix for a good manager? An ideal discussion activity for the start of any management training session. 

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This hands-on exercise provides a fun, non-threatening environment in which to develop coaching skills. Good coaching is not easy- the coach needs an ability to listen, demonstrate active listening, to show empathy, to be able to see things from another’s point of view as well as not being judgmental, all-knowing or the ‘expert’. To many people, coaching does not come naturally, but it’s easier once you know-how!

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A corporate coaching program using leading-edge organization and relationship systems designed around creating core values, vision and mission to create a corporate culture and build trust in the workplace and enhance behaviors that align with values.

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