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There’s nothing quite like a camera to bring out peoples’ expressive side. And nothing quite like the Make A Movie program to bring your team together and get them truly working together as a team for their 15 minutes of fame!

In this movie making adventure, participants are divided into groups representing competing film production companies. The challenge: create the next Hollywood blockbuster. Who will be the actors? Who is going to direct? And what about a camera operator, props and costumes designer, editor. 

The excitement is contagious as each team screens their masterpiece for the rest of the group. It’s fun. It’s funny. Plus, you can literally stand back and watch people loosen up, genuine smiles bubbling to the surface. Your Team: The Movie provides excellent value because it provides an afternoon of team building AND great entertainment.

Awards can be arranged and given with due ceremony for the various categories, often recognizing and celebrating some hidden talents. Talk about bragging rights!

Lights, Camera, Action!

DURATION: 2-3 HOURS including movie screening

NO. OF PAX: 12-120+

OBJECTIVES: Communication, Decision Making, Shared mission (purpose) and vision, Alignment

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